11 On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings

11 On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is that themethod of optimizing everyand eachonline page of your websiteso as to rank higher within theprogram Results Pages (SERPS)

On-Page SEO must do with each technical SEO (titles, descriptions, URLs) and also the content of your sites.

The ultimate goal with on-page SEO, is to talk the ‘search engines language’ and facilitate crawlers perceive the which means and context of your pages.

Today we will learn 11 techniques That will boast your site ranking. Here is a summary of all the techniques:

  1. Content quality comes first
  2. Page titles and meta descriptions
  3. Content SEO
  4. Headings and content formatting
  5. Images and other multimedia elements
  6. URL optimization
  7. Internal links
  8. External links
  9. Page loading speed
  10. Mobile friendliness
  11. Comments and on-page SEO

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