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We all know how Facebook is most preferred Social Networking site. And law of business says to Seller travel where Buyers are found. And hence Facebook Marketing has emerged as most prominent and preferred online marketing platform. However the way marketing and promotion of business is done on facebook is different from traditional marketing approach.

Hence if a company intend to run Facebook Campaign its recommended that they avail consulting services of a digital marketing company like ours. We help you plan, design and execute your facebook campaign and also ensures you get maximum quality leads within minimum budget. There are many aspects that one need to take care when running a campaign on facebook.

Facebook marketing service Jalandhar

Promote your business on Facebook

There are multiple ways you can promote your business on Facebook. Most of the people think creating a Facebook Page and inviting friends is all about Facebook Marketing. However the true meaning of marketing is to promote and sell product/services to unknown prospect buyers. And to do that you need to Plan – Design – Execute – Monitor your campaign on facebook. And this is a Paid Service similar to Google Adwords however the working model of Facebook Marketing is very different. In Facebook you don’t search products and services like Google Search.

Facebook Marketing service Jalandhar works on Impressions of your advertisement campaigns displayed on facebook users screen when they are online on facebook. And to whom and when to show your advertisement campaign so you get maximum clicks / likes / signup is all part of digital marketing statergy that our company assist and design for you.

Facebook Marketing vs Google Adwords

As you know Facebook is Social Networking site and Google is Search engine. Hence direct comparison in both the platform would be unfair. Infect which marketing strategy to choose completely depends on product / service you intend to promote, your target audience, budget and timeline to run campaign. If you intend to proactively promote your product then we suggest Facebook Marketing service Jalandhar but if you intend to be visible passively when someone is looking for your service then Google Adwords is better option.

Marketing using Facebook

We have a team of expert facebook campaign management team that manages and handle your end-to-end facebook campaign. And ensure you get desired results. We also share detailed report to give you good insight how your overall campaign performed.

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