Top 10 Features of Android 7 (Nougat)

Top 10 Features of Android 7 (Nougat)

Android 7.0 Nougat is here for most of Nexus Users and will take off all through the following year for other Android gadgets. Nougat (otherwise called Android N) accompanies various enormous changes over Marshmallow, the last Android OS. Before you download, here are the absolute greatest new highlights to anticipate:

  • Better battery life on account of the as good as ever Doze Mode.

Android acquainted Doze Mode with Marshmallow with spare your gadget’s battery life. At the point when your screen was off and your telephone wasn’t moving, your telephone would consume less battery. Yet, the stunt was that your telephone must be physically stationary for Doze to work- – you proved unable, for instance, be strolling to work with your telephone bobbing along in your pocket. Presently, with Nougat, Doze fires up when your screen goes off will in any case work regardless of whether your telephone is moving. Likewise with Marshmallow, Doze comes naturally prepared into Nougat so there’s nothing you have to do to empower it.

Note: There have been a few issues so far with Nougat really diminishing battery life for Nexus 6P telephones, however Huawei is apparently taking a shot at a fix.

  • Patched up warnings.

The look, feel and utilization of warnings are on the whole extraordinary in Nougat. Warnings are more extensive and fill the whole screen, and there’s less space vertically between every notice. Contingent upon the application, you can tap a few notices and do an immediate answer as opposed to having to totally open up the application. Errand person and Hangouts specifically accompany new, progressively helpful speedy answer alternatives.

  • Split-screen use.

Presently you can utilize more than one application in a solitary screen. Simply open one application you need to use on your screen, at that point press and hold down the square-molded review catch at the base appropriate to look over different applications to add to screen. With Nougat, presently you can, say, have Google GOOGL +0% Maps and Spotify both open on a similar screen without flipping to and fro between the two.

  • New use for the review catch.

Talking about the diagram catch, it currently has a smooth new element. By twofold tapping the catch you can now rapidly explore back to whatever application you were formerly utilizing. Like split-screen mode, this capacity to flip to and fro between applications will have gigantic intrigue to control clients, and demonstrates that Google acknowledges an ever increasing number of clients need to perform various tasks on their telephones.

  • Better switches.

Bid farewell to outsider switch gadgets. Presently, Android has its own worked in switches (otherwise called the snappy settings menu) that sit directly above notices. To get to, simply swipe down from the highest point of your screen. The new switches incorporate convenient things like WiFi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb. Android likewise gives you a few (restricted) decision over what switches you need to show up. You’ll have two switch menus, a fast one that shows up when you swipe down and afterward a total menu with all accessible flip when you tap the down bolt at the upper right.

  • Patched up Settings Menu.

The upper right corner presently has a pursuit catch to give you a chance to burrow through your framework settings all the more effectively. You’ll likewise observe certain key settings in little notices at the exceptionally top, for example, on the off chance that you have Data Saver turned on, in case you’re utilizing cell information or not and in case you’re in Do Not Disturb mode.

  • Record based encryption

Past Android working frameworks have encoded your telephone utilizing full-plate encryption, where your telephone essentially gets scrambled as one mammoth unit. Presently, your telephone will get each document exclusively scrambled, making for a progressively strong security framework.

“Document based encryption better disconnects and secures singular clients and profiles on a gadget by encoding information at a better granularity,” as per the Android Developer blog. “Each profile is scrambled utilizing an extraordinary key that must be opened by your PIN or secret word, so your information must be decoded by you.”

  • Faster framework refreshes.

Android is making framework updates run quicker out of sight on your gadget. Introduce times will be faster, update record sizes will be littler and your different applications will streamline for the update all the more rapidly. Nonetheless, Android keeps on doing combating some genuine security issues, even after the Stagefright misuse.

  • Direct Boot.

Google has changed Android’s hidden encryption plot with the goal that some applications can boot before you even enter your gadget PIN. “Presently your telephone’s primary highlights, similar to the telephone application and your morning timer, are prepared immediately before you even type your PIN, so individuals can call you and your morning timer can wake you up,” Google says on the Android Developer Blog.

  • Information Saver.

Applications that keep running out of sight can consume your month to month information actually rapidly. With Data Saver, in any case, Nougat gives you a chance to keep applications from running out of sight except if you’re on WiFi, sparing your valuable information plan.

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